RtR X-Ray v1.0.0.7

RtR X-Ray displays the installed models of a Rule the Rail installation. It helps detecting duplicated IDs and validates new .xli files.

  • Display of the 3D model with texture
  • Display of the polygons used
  • Display of the installed .xli-files
  • Display of the installed model files
  • Display of all model parameters (name, number, scale, type, reference, max. speed., max. waggons)
  • Display of duplicated IDs
  • Creation of own XLI Dateien
  • English, Portuguese, German
  • Creation of a file with all installed IDs.

Supported operating systems: XP, Vista, 7

.NET Framework 4 / DirectX 9 required

RtR X-Ray Tutorials (german language)

XLI Information

Create a new XLI

Check for duplicated IDs


Simply unpack to a directory and launch RtR X-Ray.exe.

If you haven't installed RtR using the regular installer but copied it manually then you need to select the path to your RtR directory inside the RtRX-Ray.

Alternatively you can unpack RtRX-Ray to your RtR directory.

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